10 Reasons Why




A truly personal way tell your Mum just how special she is!

Our very cute ‘I Love You Because…’ boxes, are the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. Choose from 10 of the reasons below and give your Mum a gift that’s full of love!

How to Order:
Choose 10 reasons from the list below by inputting the relevant numbers into the personalisation box when ordering.

1. Your cuddles are the best
2. You make me smile
3. You’re my best friend
4. You always smell nice
5. You make the best cakes
6. You make me laugh
7. You taught me how to be a good person
8. We have the best memories together
9. You give the best advice
10. You support my dreams
11. You’re beautiful
12. You’re kind
13. You’re fun
14. You’re good at cooking
15. You’re generous
16. You’re the best mum in the world!
17. You’re the best teacher
18. You believe in me
19. You make me believe in myself
20. You always help me
21. You wipe away my tears
22. You keep me safe
23. You give me treats
24. You build cool tents
25. You’re always there for me
26. I can rely on you
27. You play with me
28. You tell great stories
29. You make me feel special
30. We have fun adventures

Made From:
Wooden* hinged box with magnetic closure
x10 mini wooden engraved hearts.
Pink shredded tissue paper

Box – 7 x 6.8 x 5cm
Mini Hearts 4 x 3.6cm

*Wood is a beautiful and natural product, colour and grain does vary from tree to tree, please note colour and grain may vary from the pictures shown.

Additional information

Weight1000 g